Which class is right for me?

Please be aware that the intensity of a yoga class will vary considerably, therefore it is important that you look at the class description to ensure you are booking a class that is suitable for your requirements.

Level 1 – These classes are suitable for all abilities from complete beginner to experienced practitioner.

Beginners HathaDesigned for a complete beginner, no experience needed. This class is ideal for beginners, however all levels are welcome. The class starts with simple ground based stretches, moving into basic standing yoga postures to strengthen & tone the body. The class ends with Shavasana (relaxation) to calm the mind & release tension

Simple Hatha Yoga – Suitable for all levels of ability, however this is an ideal class for beginners.  The class provides simple stretches and breathing exercises to tone the body, reduce stress & release tension

Hatha & Yoga Nidra – Suitable for all levels of ability. This class starts with some simple ground based stretches, moving into a gentle flowing sequence to strengthen and tone the body, followed by a short Yoga Nidra to reduce stress & release tension.

Restore & Relax With Mindfulness – Suitable for all levels of ability. A deeply relaxing and rejuvenating class, suitable for all levels of ability. We start with some simple ground based stretches, moving into a gentle flowing sequence to revitalise the body. The session ends with a beautiful Mindfulness based Yoga Nidra practice to reduce stress & release tension.

Slow Hatha Yoga Flow – Suitable for all levels of experience. This lunchtime class is the ultimate midday pick me up.
 A fun filled, well rounded practice, including simple stretches and relaxation. The perfect end to a busy week soothing both mind and body.

PilatesSuitable for all levels of experience. Modified Pilates is a technique based on Joseph Pilates’ traditional exercise repertoire. It provides a safe and effective exercise methodology which is extensively used in rehabilitation after injury and also to improve performance and prevent the risk of injury in all types of activity from routine daily tasks to high level sports.

Beginners Yoga – Wednesdays – Suitable for beginners who may need a more remedial approach to their practice due to illness, structural issues, or injury. Experienced practitioners can also benefit from the structural alignment principles this class provides. This unique class combines the principles of Pilates with gentle flowing Hatha Yoga. Pilates is a technique based on Joseph Pilates’ traditional exercise repertoire. The system provides a safe and effective exercise methodology which is extensively used in rehabilitation after injury, to improve performance and prevent the risk of injury in all types of activity from routine daily tasks to high level sports. Applying these principles to yoga postures encourages stability & balance. The result is a gentle, smooth flowing class – a wonderful all-round tonic for both body & mind.

Mindfulness & Yoga NidraNo experience is required to joint this ultimate Friday Download – a chance to de-stress & rejuvenate. Yoga Nidra is a deeply relaxing practice inducing complete physical, mental and emotional relaxation. This class is ideal if you have problems sleeping, concentrating, struggle with stress or simply if you find it difficult to switch off and relax.

Level 2 –These classes involve dynamic movement which is ideal or anyone (beginner to experienced yogi) with an average level of health & fitness who like a bit more power to their practice.

Himalayan Hath – A strong but supportive flowing class which tones & strengthens the body. Suitable for beginners and experienced yogi’s, but be prepared to work hard.

Hatha Flow – This dynamic flowing yoga class class focuses on balance, toning & strengthening postures. A wonderful all-round tonic for the body. Suitable for beginners and experienced yogi’s.

Sunrise Hatha YogaA good level of fitness is required for these classes. Get your Yoga fix in before the day takes over, a stretch through with plenty of sun salutations, the ultimate yoga shot for those of you who love the early hours. These classes are especially popular with runners & sports enthusiasts.

Level 3 – This strong, energetic and challenging class is designed for those of you who really like to work hard & sweat. Experience of yoga is not always required but a good level of fitness is essential.

Intermediate Hath – A dynamic & challenging session – possible the most challenging yoga session in Salisbury.  As the name suggests this is an ideal class for student who have experience of yoga, however beginners are welcome but be prepared to work.

Ashtanga Vinyasa – As taught by the late Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois (‘Guruji’) in Mysore India, is a set system of Hatha yoga that synchronises breath and movement in a flowing sequence of asanas (postures).When practised regularly this system develops strength, flexibility, & stamina. This class is suitable for beginners and experienced yogi’s alike however please be aware that the practices starts with strong dynamic sun salutations.


Integrated Chair Yoga

Designed to support anyone who has trouble getting up and down from the floor or who may be recovering from illness or surgery.

Pregnancy Yoga

These classes are available to anyone who is over 12 weeks pregnant onwards and suitable for any level of experience.

Karma Teens

These classes are designed especially for the requirements of 11 – 16 year olds.  The classes are run  Term Time only.

Please note it is essential that your child is pre-paid and booked before attending – If a Child is not booked we will be unable to accept them into the class.

Private Classes

A class is exactly that – a generic class taylored to a specified level – inevitably you will be practicing with a group of people with different levels of ability’s. Private one to one sessions are the ideal way to get specific advice and guidance. We can also compile a basic home program tailored to suit your personal requirements.

Remedial Pilates and Yoga sessions are available – however these can only be offered in a private one to one session.

If you have any doubt about which class is suitable for you please don’t hesitate to contact us on Mobile 07861952603

Do I need to book?

YES, Classes get very busy and to ensure you get the most out of your class we deliberately keep class sizes small.  

To avoid disappointment, it’s essential that you pre-book and pay for your classes in advance. Book Class

Please note The Karma Centre does not accept cash or cheques.

Can I swap & change classes?

Our classes are designed with flexibility in mind – you can drop-in or purchase class passes which enable you to book onto any yoga class of your choice (Please be aware that specialist yoga classes  are priced separately).


You will be able to cancel and re-book you classes using the Mindbody booking system.

We have a Cancellation Policy of

16 Hours for classes, this includes missed classes.

2 day cancellation policy for workshops.

Time Keeping

The doors will be open 15 minutes before the start of a class. For security and to minimise disruption the doors will be locked once the class starts. There will be no late admission and you will be charged.

There may be a class in progress before your session please be patient and quite, thank you.

What do I need to bring?

The Karma Centre can provide mats and any yoga equipment that may be required to aid your practice. However if you have your own mat it is always nicer to bring this with you.

What do I need to wear?

Yoga and Pilates is done with bare feet so you don’t need to worry about footwear.  Simple loose fitting clothing is advisable such as leggings and t-shirt.

Yin Yoga and Meditation classes are more static classes and therefore layers are advisable so that you can easily remove or add clothing depending on how you feel.

Where is The Karma Centre?

You can find us at the junction of Endless Street & Chipper Lane (opposite the Bingo Hall).  The entrance is at the side of the building via 48 Chipper Lane


"Anthea is an incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and creative teacher."

Himilayan Hatha Yoga Student | 2016

"Classes are always different and Anthea will challenge you within your own level and capability"

Saturday morning drop-in Student | 2016

"I am never bored in Anthea's classes and I feel that I am constantly progressing - what more could you ask for?"

Gentle Hatha Yoga Student | 2016
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