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Please be aware that the intensity of a yoga class will vary considerably, therefore it is essential that you look at the class description to ensure you are booking a class that is suitable for your requirements, if in doubt please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Classes can fill quickly. To avoid disappointment, please book your class before attending – Thank You


Single Class £12

4 Class pass £44 (valid 6 weeks)

6 Class pass £60 (valid 2 months)

10 Class pass £95 (valid 3 months)

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy regardless of circumstance.

Expiry dates on class passes are none negotiable.

Please honour our terms & conditions – Thank you

Basic Hatha Yoga

All levels of ability, ideal for complete beginners or anyone with general muscular aches and pains. This supportive therapeutic class focuses on simple stretches to ease areas of muscular tension, basic postures tone & strengthen, combined with standing postures to develop co-ordination and balance. Simple breathing exercises are incorporated into the practice to reduce stress & release tension. A wonderful all-round tonic for body & soul

Somatic Yoga

Somatic’s is a form of moving therapy which integrates simple breath practices. Muscles can become tight or restricted for many reasons including habitual patterns, emotions, stress and injuries – slow gentle movement helps create more functionality.

This subtle form of yoga helps to develop ease of movement, gently strengthening both the nervous and muscular system, helping to create positive body awareness and improve overall posture. Somatic yoga helps us to become more in tune with our own individual anatomy and unique way of moving.

All Abilities Hatha Yoga

Suitable for all levels of ability including complete beginners. Enjoy a supportive flowing class with ground based stretches and basic sequencing to develop balance, muscle tone & strength. Basic breathing exercises are incorporated into the practice to reduce stress & release tension.

Strong Hatha Yoga

A strong but supportive flowing class which tones & strengthens the body. This class is designed for those of you who would like to experience a more challenging practice and explore more advanced postures.
Please be aware that although no yoga experience in necessary this is a strong, dynamic class which will require a good level of mobility and fitness – be prepared to work hard in all these classes.

Power Flow

Suitable for all levels of ability including complete beginners. This vibrant fun class focuses on warming and strengthening – exploring core strength and stamina. Open to everyone, this class is specifically suited to those of you who like to experience the physicality of the yoga postures.

Lunchtime Hatha Yoga

Pop in from the office during your lunchbreak or perhaps enjoy a mid-day treat. Postures are carefully chosen to support the whole body creating structural integrity and tone. A wonderful all-round tonic for the body. Suitable for beginners and experienced yogi’s.

Vinyasa Flow

This dynamic flowing yoga class focuses on balance, toning & strengthening postures. A wonderful all-round tonic for the body. Suitable for beginners and experienced yogi’s alike.

  1. Chair Yoga Flow

If you have difficulty getting up and down from the floor, struggle with mobility or balance, this chair based yoga class is ideal. We use a chair as a simple prop for support so you can enjoy the class without worrying about lack of flexibility or balance.

Traditional joint mobility exercises are combined with gentle stretches and supported twists to provide a challenging fun class.

Open to everyone

Regardless of age, experience or ability. You are assured of a warm welcome from this energetic group.

Private Classes

A class is exactly that – a generic class tailored to a specified level. Inevitably you will be practicing with a group of people with different levels of ability’s. Private one to one sessions are the ideal way to get specific advice and guidance. We can also compile a basic home program tailored to suit your personal requirements.

Remedial Yoga sessions are available – however these can only be offered in a private one to one session, please contact us for availability.


Have a read of our frequently asked questions to find out everything you need to know from booking a class to what you need to bring with you. We’ve also got some information should you wish to cancel too.

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