Using Yoga To Relieve Back Injuries

15th September 2020

Yoga is an extremely useful exercise which can help you to maintain flexibility and back strength. Some yoga postures can help reduce chronic low back pain and speed up the healing of back injuries. Yoga instructors often teach ways to stretch and strengthen tight back muscles to improve mobility which can help practitioners feel healthier both physically and mentally.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some easy yoga postures that are commonly used to treat back problems:

Child’s Pose- this posture helps to relieve stress and elongate your back. You need to be on all fours and make sure both arms are stretched out straight. Sit back until butt muscles or glutes are just above the heels. For about ten breaths, hold this position.

Extended Triangle- the extended triangle pose stretches your legs, spine, and muscles, alleviating pain in the lower back and other areas. It can ease out your anxiety and stress level too. When using this posture, you should stretch one leg aside and both hands wide. Form a triangle posture by touching your extended feet.

Pigeon Pose- by stretching your rotators, you can relax your hips. Start with downward-facing dog posture and keep both feet together. Draw the left knee forward and you should turn it outward to the left, until it’s bent. Make sure that your left leg is nearly perpendicular to your right leg. Your right leg should be extended straight behind your body. The back foot should be pulled off the ground and also toward the back. You should hold this position for about 10 breaths, before switching to another side.

Sit And Twist- the Sit And Twist is another effective yoga posture for relieving back pain and it’s easy to do for beginners. Keep both legs straight while sitting and raise your left leg, then keep it aside to the right. Your arms should be placed behind the sitting bone. Rotate yourself sideways, while inhaling and exhaling. Maintain for approximately one minute, before switching to another side.

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