Academy of Yoga & Meditation 100 Hour Foundation Course

The 100 hour Foundation Course is available to anyone with an interest in learning more about these ancient practices of Yoga.

Asana (postures) are just one aspect of a yoga practice, Pranayama, Concentration Techniques, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy and Relaxation Techniques weave together to form a truly holistic practice for life.

If you have ever wondered about the deeper anatomical and energetic theory behind your yoga class this is definitely the course for you.

The course will cover:

An In-depth study of yoga postures (asana) and how to link postures into a full yoga practice by using three basic sun salutation’s designed by Yoga Master, Yogi Ashokananda.
Explore the chakra system with a simple meditation practice for each chakra
Build the basis for a Pranayama practice, learning about the 5 prana.
Look at Mudra and how they can affect our wellbeing
Learn simple guided relaxation techniques to restore and revive.
Discussion of the philosophical aspects of The Kosha, Niyamas and Yamas

There will be 70 contact hours with Anthea

Plus 10 hours of written homework bases on the asana and your experience of practicing the postures – this will include a diary of your practice and 20 hours of recorded attendance of classes and workshops.

Some people, upon completion of this course, have found that they are drawn into further study and have gone on to attend Teacher Training in Himalayan Hatha Yoga with Yogi Ashokananda at the Academy of Yoga and Meditation, either in London or Tamil Nadu, India.

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