The coronavirus outbreak is currently a global issue. With the repeated resurgence of the pandemic and no end in sight, we are forced to continue practicing an exceptionally hygienic lifestyle and physical distancing. Theoretically, an extraordinarily strong immune system still can’t prevent COVID-19. However, people who have good immunity will have far fewer symptoms when contracting COVID-19 and they will recover much faster. This contributes to minimising the spread of the disease because you will get better faster. Good nutrients, an active lifestyle, and enough rest can improve your immune system.

With that being said, here are some yoga poses that can help boost your immunity even further, protecting you from COVID-19:

Revolved Chair Pose- this yoga pose helps to improve digestive organs and kidneys for more efficient internal detox. When doing this pose, you need to make sure that your breath is grounded. Bring both arms into a praying pose. Move your elbows against the thighs and breathe deeper when releasing.

Sitting And Breathing- Sitting And Breathing is one of the simplest poses to choose, but it can be amazingly effective at boosting the immune system. Sitting and breathing (sukhasana) is a traditional meditation pose, which ensures the optimal flow of the life force and breathing. By relaxing and breathing deeply, your nervous system, heart rate, and stress can be better regulated. Cross your legs on a comfortable seat and breathe through mouth with U-shaped tongue.

Sphinx Pose- the pandemic has caused depression and anxiety among many people, which can impair their immune system. Regardless of your daily struggle, the Sphinx pose can help to calm your mind. Also known as the restorative yin pose, your mind can also be soothed and energised. Lie flat on your stomach and lift both shoulders. Bend your elbows and fully extend both hands forward. Lift the neck slightly and make sure your glutes are relaxed. Breathe in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth.

Supported Fish Pose- the Supported Fish Pose is another excellent restorative pose that you can do each day. If you are feeling depleted and tired, the supported fish pose can rejuvenate your body and prevent a degraded immune system. If you are experiencing respiratory congestion, the pose can open up your lungs for easier breathing.

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