Vanessa Bourne

13th January 2018

Vanessa is our Teens Yoga Teacher

My passion for Yoga started 18 years ago after the birth of my second son and severe post-natal depression and has only deepened as a result of having to deal with some very difficult personal and family circumstances. I was offered pills by the doctors but knew I had to find a better way of healing myself and living with the pressures that life can bring. I started taking classes with Nell Lindsell, who later started Yogabugs and I fell in love with the relief that Yoga brought to me. After the birth of my third son 14 years ago, I stepped up my personal practice to 3 classes a week, one Iyengar class and 2 Hatha yoga classes. This lead to my decision to train with Yogabugs initially and then Calm for Kids. I have been teaching children and teenagers for over 10 years now and in that time have taught the sporty, non-sporty and many children with different challenges, both physical and mental. My Children’s classes are all adapted to suit the age group and include music, games and stories to teach them the basic postures and give them the very valuable benefits that yoga has to give. I use simple breathing exercises and teach them, often the hardest lesson of all, to relax and be still for up to 5 minutes with wonderful, child friendly meditations.

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